another story to share…

disclaimer: not trying to blame courier company for fake goods BUT assurance did came from delivery guy (ninja van) that they will be responsible for the goods if there is any issue! in the end, they can’t even link me to the merchant! NO REPLY from merchant AT ALL! How come NINJA VAN has a partnership with a merchant whom they can’t even contact?! tsk! just my luck! writing this to share with more so that they will not be the next victim!!

i bought a pair of so called Japanese fine cut duno what high class crystal watch on one of facebook’s advertisement for a price of $78.
the kind of web order whereby u key in your particulars and submit. Opt for cash on delivery payment mode.

about a month later..

one fine day, received sms from LOCAL delivery company NINJA VAN that they are delivering a parcel to me.
At point of delivery, initially i told the delivery guy i want to check the products first but he said that i cannot open the parcel until i paid him.
I told him if that is the case, i do not want the parcel as i have my reservation about this merchant.
He then ASSURED me that if there is any issue with the product, i can contact NINJA VAN directly.
ok..since assurance came from our local delivery company plus i do not want to let him make a wasted trip, i accepted the parcel & paid him $80 ($2 tip) cash.

upon opening the parcel, one of the watch had stopped working! and of coz the quality of the watches are definitely not Japan made. The same kind/same brand of the watches can be bought on WISH app for only sgd 3 dollars. lol stupid me.

Almost immediately, i called up NINJA VAN!
They said that they are only the courier company, i will have to contact merchant myself if there is any issue with the product (suddenly the so called assurance by the delivery guy a moment ago turned into air)
fine! i asked for the email of the merchant & contacted them myself. no reply.

attached are the email correspondence between myself & NINJA VAN representatives. They simply DO NOT CARE! They coax you into accepting parcels and once payment made, it is none of their business! i’ve always understood that courier company has nothing to do with quality of goods..BUT WHY GIVE EMPTY CHEQUE (ASSURANCE) TO COAX CUSTOMERS TO ACCEPT PARCELS!

I’ve already accepted the fact that i paid sgd 78 dollars for something that would only costs me sgd 6 on WISH.
Just hope that by sharing this online, i can help to reduce the number of victims. cheers.


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