I was driving back to office from Putrajaya. I had a plan to buy MacD Durian MacFlurry today after seeing a poster in Facebook says MacD Durian Promotion ended. So i decided try my luck on last MacFlurry or else i have to wait for next year.

Yes! I saw MacDonald store in Presint 2. A long drive thru queue already building up to main road. I’m sure many like me don’t want to miss the Durian.

Instead of joining the driving thru queue, I parked my car and decided to walk-in and buy. I thought that would be a great idea to save time.

I was wrong. Even in shop, there were 3 line queues waiting to place order.

Well, I have decided. So let’s finish the job.

The queue moving slowly. There were only 2 operators are serving the customers. One person busy calling the order numbers. Another one taking orders at counters.

Yea, you read it right, Counters. A Malay young girl, with sweet smiling face, keep taking orders from both counters. She was taking orders and doing transactions. Then she move to next counter to serve next customer.

This is tiring job especially to entertain huge crowd. But i noticed that she still smiling and saying thank you for each customers. She is politely taking orders.

Of course the queue moving slowly but im not bothered. I kinda amazed how she can handle both side with cool attitude.

All of sudden, a Malay lady in front of me turn back at me and said.

” You know, she is so talented and dedicated to her job. I am amazed the way she is handling both counters”.

I added, “yea, i was watching her since i entered the shop”.

“I am a government staff and i can tell you that its rare to see such attitude. I wonder how they handle drive thru customers, meanwhile placing orders and do multi task job at the same time”, by the way, what are you going to order? ”

Then i told her how i ended up standing in queue.

“That nice ah MacD Durian?” She asked. I said “yea, must try before its too late”.

Next was her turn. She turned back and asked me, “you sure you want only Durian MacFlurry? I can order together to reduce queue”.

I said, ” Yea, just Durian MacFlurry “. I started to dig my wallet to pay my portion.

She stopped my arm when i gave her my money.

” Its OK. On me. I belanja. We kan Malaysians. Its my Merdeka treat for you”.

I stunned a while. Is this what we call, random act of kindness?

I really appreciated her act and told her that i will definitely write about this on Fb tonite.

Its not about getting excited for a free treat from someone but the pure intention to give to total stranger.

We are talking about racism among Malaysians but there are kind people around who believes in Humanity.

Only bad politicians are dividing us for their own agenda and benefits.

I am from kanchong Darat. I know kampung lifestyle. There were no racism. Malay, Chinese and Indians live together as family. You name it what function, everyone will celebrate like their own.

We can’t see this unity in city nowadays.

I saw two kind of human at the same place today. I am very proud to see them. I am proud to tell everyone that i born among these people.

I started to have hope on Malaysia. Yes, we could build a better nation.

Saya bangga lahir di sini. Saya bangga sebagai anak Malaysia.

Happy birthday Malaysia. Happy Independence Day. This is my Merdeka Day story.

Source: FB post by Subash Chandrabose Arumugam Pillai


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