Hi Guys,

I have suggestion (warning, its sarcasm,but i bet all of you can swallow it like we have to kenna trolled by you guys everytime we come always sold out)

It is mentioned by one from many of the complaint here that, seems like Irvins not sincere to open the shop, and i agree totally.

This is my third week to visit,around 11am to 12pm, and it never fails to amaze me with the staff repeats the SOP by saying, sorry we are sold out for today.

So my input it, close the shop lah boss, whats with the fancy retail, cool duck logo, bla bla. It must be pretty expensive right to open shop in CBD area? By demolish this, you can profit even more, no need to accept walk in customer, because fudge them, they have no value.. And who the hell is buying stuff in retail in 2017??? All can be bought online,,RIIGGHHTT???

With the above, it will also cut down the man power cost, as you guys very efficient, like 4-5 staff inside, laughing, chit chat, they sure look busy with the phone as well. When customer visit and looked confuse, no need to worry, just say “we are sold out for today” will do make our day better….NOT. Hey, i cant say no for free money, part time for $7.5 per hour, just to do one thing and one thing only, “we are sorry”,,sign me up… Noooo Irvin’s, u dont even sorry.

Ure competitor also making those yummy chips with passion and love,,theyre humble enough, and they do something with those low stocks issue, which is blew my mind when there are many bad comments pertaining this, yet, u gave all of us an empty hopes, and kept saying that the team do theyre best.

I think to sum it up, you lost ure customer, and u fail big time on this. I will be investing on The Gold, unless you fix this, then i might consider to get one from you.

Source: FB post by Fritz Almanzo


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