All these moneylenders deserve this?

I suppose some of the moneylenders received big surprises when they reach their offices in various locations yesterday. I have come across some of these photos and comments from various social media sites like SURE BOH SINGAPORE. Comments from some of the netizens don’t seem positive and in fact, some even actually condone the behaviors of this vandal. Some of the netizens commented this is karma, they deserved it, must be all the pressures given to the borrowers that why this vandal come and teach them a lesson.

Let us all be more rational toward this incident, this is Singapore , we have laws and regulations to follow, even if u don’t like these moneylenders or you find them acting in gangsterism ways, you can report them to the police and not vandalising public places to vent out your anger and to prove you are above the law. And of course some netizens will says don’t borrow from licensed moneylenders, should have approached your own family members or friends for help or even borrow from the banks, so as to avoid high-interest rates.

Again let us be more realistic, if anyone can borrow from the banks, who will want to incurred high-interest rates, there is a Chinese saying, ” if you got hair, who want to be bald”. And Is actually quite obvious to those who cannot borrow from the banks , has bad credit records or even litigation from the banks before, so to licensed moneylenders, this is definitely high risk, of course everyone deserved a second chance , and when they are given a second chance, all the more they should not even try to default their payments, they should actually borrow within their means and not to overload themselves and default payments.

One netizen even comment that one should practice good wealth management, of course this is common sense, but here again, we all have to remember not every day is SUNDAY, there will be times that we have actually exhausted all our credit facilities and there are hiccups in our life, so when we meet up with all these hiccups which require money to settle, and our family members and friends are unable to help us, we can only turn to them for help.

One netizen commented that the interest are so high, they are blood sucking, so back to this question again, why you cannot borrow from the banks if you find their interests are too high? Well, I do admit that there are certainly some black sheep in the moneylending industries but I supposed all industries do have black sheep, not only moneylending. So let us be more rational towards this issue and not to condone this kind of vandalism acts. Having more negative remarks will only let the vandal feels that what he or she has done is correct.

Source: FB post Poh Say Hong Eric


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