I am very disappointed over an incident that happened this afternoon.

This afternoon, I called in to enquire on the NS 50 vouchers which my father has failed to received even though we filled in the form and indicated our options many months ago. A customer service officer, Freda, told me that the parcel was rebounced to them. I was shocked. Why didn’t anyone inform us that the parcel has renounced? Should I have not made the call, we will never ever be able to receive the parcel.

I requested for her to resend the parcel and told her my address. Freda told me the address on the parcel was wrong. It was sent to a different block number. I was puzzled. We received the form and letter from Home Team. Shouldn’t Home Team have my address? Secondly, who in the world will have their address written wrongly? There is a postal code which consist of the block number, what is the chances of getting both wrong? Clearly, this isn’t my fault. Yet, Freda righteously told me that I can only collect it at Balestier(Actually it is Toa Payoh).

So you mean that we have apply leave, purposely go down to a faraway place, to collect a gift of appreciation by our country to my father to thank him for his contribution to NS and to the country? And over something which is clearly not our problem? Great sincerity and effort in rectifying a problem. I was very angry and later on, Freda told me that she can send the vouchers to me via normal mail but she will not be responsible if it is a lost mail. So you mean we, the recipient, has to bear the risk of a problem that arised because of the Home Team’s fault? So we innocent civilians have to suffer the consequences of your inability?

I requested for her to mail the item to me without any risk bore by me or my family. If it is a lost mail, I will still have to make a police report and go through an ordeal just to get what I deserved. I told her to escalate this issue and put in the request if she is not able to make such decision. She told me she will get back to me by today, but sadly she did not.

Looking at the other public posts, my father is the not the only one affected. Something is clearly wrong in the process of dispatching the vouchers. It is meant to show appreication to people, not to stir undesirable emotions. Be truthful and sincere. This has clearly brought down the level of public service in Singapore and it disappoints people.

Please resolve the issues as soon as possible. At least, keep to your promise of returning my request with a call.


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