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This picture was taken on 27 Jan 2018 at 6.28 pm along Upper Serangoon Road just before the stop outside Glad Tidings Church.

I boarded Go Ahead 119 (SG 1057 T) at 6.10 pm opposite Holy Innocent’s High School heading to Kovan MRT station. The journey usually takes less than 10 min. Today, it took more than 20 min because the driver was driving at 30KPH all the way. And he stopped for almost 2 mins at every bus stop despite no passengers boarding or alighting. Another bus that was behind him at the bus stop opp. SRJC had to overtake him because he simply refused to move and was obstructing traffic. At another bus stop, he deliberately waited for the lights to turn red before driving off, only to stop again at the lights.

When I asked him why he was wasting time at every bus stop and driving at 30KPH, he said he was just “driving according to instructions to be at each bus stop at the scheduled time”. I took these photos and said I would write in. He defiantly told me to “write in lor” and then called the control on his intercom to report me. The lady on the intercom told him “It’s OK. Just drive according to instructions”. This conversation between the lady and the bus captain was within earshot of all passengers on board.

There is something seriously wrong with how the bus schedules are being planned and the instructions given to bus captains to delibrately drive at such an unacceptable speed, and stopping for long periods at each bus stop “just to follow the timings on the schedule”.

1. You are compromising and acting against the interests of the passengers on board, wasting their time. What would normally have been a short journey has now become a painfully and annoyingly long one.

2. You are a road hazard and compromising safety. Having another bus overtake you at the bus stop can potentially cause an accident. Will you, Go Ahead, or the bus captain, take full responsibility when this happens?

3. Your bus captain and whoever was behind the intercom in the control were just blindly following instructions without thinking of passengers’ interests and safety. Have your employees become mindless androids lacking the capability to think beyond a set of stupid policies and nonsensical instructions given?

While I understand the importance of ensuring bus timings are kept to as much as possible to avoid inconveniencing waiting passengers at the bus stops, this cannot and should not allow safety and interests of passengers on the bus to be compromised in any way. To a large extent, I blame the mindless policy makers who came up with this ridiculous policy and instructions. Is Go Ahead seriously competing with SMRT to see who can lose more public confidence in the quickest possible way?

Source: FB post by ‎Karmic Von‎ 


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