Netizen Complains Staff’s “KUNG FU” for handling trolley At Buki Timah Supermarket


This was taken yesterday at the At Bukit Timah Plaza!

I was at the upper floor in the first place because i need to get some fruit on the lower floor, i saw this employee from the FairPrice Finest which he is doing stock take/up. To my surprise the staff who think he is “very skillful” not just endanger himself and also to the other member of the public/shopper. Using his Gong Fu?

He did not focus at the trolley at all. And the Travelator is going downwards and, the trolley itself already touch to the edge, the sound of the moving part can be heard. i seen lot of incident involve with the children shoe/ any object can stuck on the moving part. what if happen the travelator stop or not working condition?

The heavy object on top of his Trolley may give way “Touch-wood” any “unlucky one?” The management got to enforce strict measurement to prevent accident!

Source: Raven Hew(Facebook mesasges)


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