SIMILANJIAO? Dear beautiful Singaporeans, let me show you a beautiful specimen of the Singaporean breed tastefully adding lovely excuses to avoid paying for a service.

Here, according to a very pointless search on Facebook — her profile was completely blank with the name “Kelvin Cheryl”, is a woman named Cheryl whom my father had the luxury of chauffeuring her to her beloved destination.

However, chauffeurs still get paid. Even after two days of ignoring my dad’s calls, and a day of warning… nada.

My dear father, had a medical operation on his liver a year ago and ever since he has recovered, he’s been working to pay up for the bills. Aiya simisai la, it’s easy to come up with a sob story just like Cheryl.

But no, Cheryl thinks her “domestic affair” and “marriage at the edge of the cliff” reasons warrant her the righteous free taxi ride to similanjiao land.

Your excuses are dumb. I am not your marriage counsellor. You need to pay up – even if it’s $10.90. Your sad marriage doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of taxi drivers’ incomes and put you one step ahead in need of a fucking taxi ride. Walk home, reflect on yourself. Not your marriage.

PS: share please I think I wrote a damn good post lol but also I think some people need to learn not to mess with taxi drivers who are mostly old and can sometimes be helpless — SIMPLY PUT, you can’t even steal, let alone from old folks, so wtf is wrong with these people??

UPDATE: WOAH Social media is very de powerful!!! After 60 shares, a kind stranger reached out to me on Facebook messenger and told me he recognised her number. He gave me her actual Facebook account and I showed her pictures to my limpeh and he immediately recognised her face. What can I say, her posts also show that she’s going through marriage problems. Pity.

Source: FB post by Eugene Syn


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