My sister was queuing at Tampines Mall toastbox yesterday afternoon to buy her drink and minding her own business as usual. When it was her turn in the queue, the cashier asked for her order, but half way during her order, the lady wearing the sunglasses appeared out of nowhere and claimed that she has been in the queue and insisted that my sister had cut her queue. My sister did not see her and this was verified by the cashier who also did not see her in the queue. Regardless if it was true as she had claimed, my sister offered to let the the lady in sunglasses place her order first but the lady replied, “Never mind, you go ahead then.” So my sister proceeded with her order.

Few seconds later, the lady’s friend (the one standing next to her right) came over and questioned why my sister’s order was taken first and in reply, the lady wearing sunglasses told her that her queue got cut and that both my sis and the cashier did not see her. Her friend then decided to provoke my sister by saying aloud, “If the cashier did not see, then the person behind you must also be blind lah..eyes got problem and blind lor!” and she went on for awhile until my sister had enough and told her to mind her words.

Even though my sister maintained her cool while being assertive, that woman continued hurling insults and stirred up a drama. My sister then went back to her after putting her tray down but that evil looking, trouble making woman refused to apologise for her bad behaviours. The worse thing was she had a young daughter/granddaughter next to her at her table (cropped away for the kid’s privacy).

My sister and I cannot imagine what that kid would become in future with such poor role model. After this incident was shared, my siblings and I have realised this is one of the reasons there are so many unnecessary fights and quarrels amongst people in public areas. Sometimes, you may be minding your own business but someone decides to create drama out of their boring life or due to their filthy/foul mouth and poor character.

Watch out for this ill-mannered woman who is probably living in the East!

Source: FB post by ‎James Chen‎ 


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