Hi SMRT taxi,
I would like to lodge a complaint on this unethical incident with taxi driver (Mr Onn) whom try to extort money from road user.
We got into a mild accident on 18 May 2017 at 7.35am.
a slight bump as my speed was at 5km/h going into a zebra crossing junction and no one was injured after both of us (Drivers) got down and verified.
There no scratches nor dent on the taxi’s bumper hence I request this relief taxi driver (Mr Onn) to pass me the taxi owner mobile number so I could private settlement with owner directly.

He repeatedly refused to pass me taxi owner number and later text me for $480 cash to repair the bumper which he claimed he relying message from the owner.

I checked with a few workshops the repair and downtime cost is no way $480 cash.
Once again I asked for his owner mobile number and he refused to provide and insist on $480 cash before he send the taxi to SMRT.

Thereafter I seek help from SMRT accident claim department which promised to call me back after contacting the taxi owner and no call returned.

Last week I received a claim report from SMRT on claim against my policy.
As both a road user and citizen I am extremely disappointed on how SMRT not managing this matter without professionalism and allow extortion happening in their operations.

Should such behaviour being accepted by SMRT, pardon me i can’t imagine how good can the customer service be across your other services.
I plead SMRT can look into this matter on unethical taxi driver and customer service.

*it not about the insurance claim but the hidden agenda from contacting the taxi owner for private settlement from both relief taxi driver and SMRT. There’s no transparency which everyone in Singapore is to uphold.


Facebook POst By Robin Tan


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