Don’t worry about those maids, they are very strong and can survive in any conditions.

But once you treat them too good and let them live in comfort, at least half will start to take for granted and if you are not consistent in being good to them, they will start to feel sour and unhappiness.

There are spoiled brats and also spoiled maids. Sometimes giving them a room is thinking that the room is 100% belong to them. Why do I say 100%? continue reading.

Every Sunday I see any maids would loitering at Joo Chiat complex, City Hall, Lucky Plaza create a dirty atmosphere so hard for us to pass thru. They don’t care intimately with Bangla or Indian boyfriends. It’s become a nuisance and irritating environment. Just hope that they don’t bring them home!!!

The domestic helper should have a proper room on her own. Because we are dealing with a human. Rules must be drawn to make the helper knows what to do and what time and when she can rest and enjoy her off day.

If nothing to do, i try will not squeeze her energy and let her rest like any other normal worker. I even give her extra off days, 7 days leave in a year for vacation. During her off day pls don’t disturb her at all, she is free to go jalan2. Of course the rule says no unauthorised person allowed in the house. In default, the reasonable action is taken.


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