To all my frens n relatives out there pls do not let this guy name PENG WONG to follow ur Instagram, wechat, fb or whatever. He is a scammer !!

He has been following most of my gf, n female colleagues aft I let him follow my Ig, tot he was my fren’s Fren in the first place, but after tat some of my col. N fren come n ask if I know him, obviously I was just letting him follow in Ig one to two days ago only. But he search my followers n request to follow them.

N when I search back his acct I think he aldy block me, as I can’t find it.

Pls report him!! 😡😡😡

Is nth wrong to follow or add a fren, however this guy request to add wechat aft tat, telling ppl he is from m’sia but live in LA for a long time.

**aft he add my wechat, tell me his daily life, like he is working from a big company in LA den sweet talk to u n tell u he really appreciate u as his fren, wanted to send u a gift as appreciation, ask u to collect the parcel the next day.

After tat a gal called (msia no.) saying she’s from courier company. The parcel is overweight n is now stuck in M’sia custom cannot deliver, ask me to pay usd1.8K first if not cannot collect. (以为老娘是傻瓜)*

<usd1.8K he tot he send gold inside ah.. 😂>
Knowing that is a scam so I decided to play along with them… I told this guy his parcel is stuck n need to pay for the additional courier fees. He act serious, “OMG, really I call the courier agent to check now!”

Aft awhile, he text back.
“I just finish speaking with her
She say the money is for overweight now i’m in offshore no means to transfer money to her. Just settle it so that she can deliver it to you”

I continue to act with him, n told him
“i already text her to request for bank account details”

N I text this courier gal call “Arice” asking for their company bank acct. She reply back, as this is a clearance fees, her company can only provide their accountant acct for trf ask me to show her receipt aft transfer.
(haha.. Where got company will ask ppl transfer money to their accountant acct. de. I’m also from finance leh. 除非这个会计和老板有一腿,哈哈)

Anyway I insist n ask her to provide me with the invoice, company acct. n cargo permit, b4 I will do the trf.
Wah! She piss off, showing attitude to me. Ask me don’t waste her time, she got 36parcel to deliver today n she has been doing it for 6yrs
(doing? Or scamming?)

At the end I told that gal, just send the parcel back. The sender is willing to pay.

N told tat guy, I don’t want the parcel more reply after tat..

Source: FB post by Caryl Goh


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