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Frankly, the local students whom I have projects together with are some of the worst people I have ever worked with (I asked a lot of foreigners about this matter and got the same experienced described from them) and then I have worked all over the world with people from very different cultures. Here are some tips for you Singaporeans who might ever consider pursuing an international career:

1. When someone ask you something – reply. If it’s in a group chat it does not have to be right away, but ignoring for days is simply rude (yes, you can see when people have read the message in WhatsApp as well). If it’s in person, just why? Who does that? Acknowledge the person ffs.

2. If you disagree with something someone says – speak up. That’s how you come up with new things, together. Don’t just go quit, dismiss that person as not good enough followed by ignoring whatever suggestion he or she might bring to the table later.

3. Don’t divide everything and refuse to meet up during the project. That’s not how you work together as a team. If you don’t discuss subjects properly, using your different point of views, the work will never flourish. Furthermore, the assignment might end up being shit since you are likely to be working toward different things.

4. If you don’t understand something an foreigner is saying – ask again. It’s completely understandable. But don’t turn to the other local group members and ask them to explain what ‘he or she’ is trying to express, when we’re still in the room. That’s just rude.

5. Invite all members into the discussion. Turning your back to the foreigner (literally), followed by using a lot of singlish words which we do not understand, is not to include someone.

P.s: I’m aware of the shortcomings of some of the exchange students (not doing their part etc), but it does not make above mentioned less relevant.

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