*UPDATE 9 Oct 7pm:
NTFGH has reached out to me, assuring me that they are looking into this matter seriously. In all fairness, my family and I should give them the opportunity to have a complete investigation and wait for their return statement.
At the same time, I am very appreciative of the support that everyone has provided. On behalf of my family, I want to give my most sincere thank you! 谢谢大家!

*Earlier Post 9 Oct 5am:
First, you discharged my mother at around 3.20am with all the admin process finished by almost 4am. Without consulting us on the schedule for follow up, you “confirmed” her appointment on the same day at 8.45am! You mean my mum, who just went thru all the A&E treatment with medication, while still suffering from headaches and dizziness, had to be sent home, only to sleep/rest for less than 2 hours, and return back to hospital?
– Asked to reschedule appointment, was told “cannot” because the doctor fixed it already.
– Asked to be warded, so that she could have a good rest, also cannot.
收钱很快, 多做一点 (合理要求) 难?!!
Totally ridiculous!! If it was that urgent to come back for follow up in 5 hours time, shouldn’t she be admitted?

Secondly, we reluctanly went home, but once reached and when my exhausted mum took off her jacket, only to realise that you left a “present” for her, in the form of needle (for IV) NOT REMOVED!! Called the hospital and was told it was easy to remove by ourselves else have to return to the hospital. My poor mum was already totally drained and still hurting, and you still require her to run up and down like being played.

HellooOooOOo…we TRUSTED you to take care of the sick and pay the ever increasing medical fees as requested believing that we will be in good hands!! Despite the trust and medical charges, this is the kind of rubbish “professionalism” displayed?

I would like to think otherwise but it seems like, in my opinion, the so-call medical service that you displayed shows extreme lack of empathy, appallingly unprofessional practices, perhaps because IT WAS NOT YOUR MUM that was suffering, hence the indifference.

NG TENG FENG GENERAL HOSPITAL, in my eyes, you are a total disappointment!!

Source: FB post by William Seah 


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