Liars!! Please do not buy from them as my mum and bro got diarrhea and infection thanks to their durain puff… They have been resting for nearly 1 week and my brother stomach still hurts once in awhile even after finishing all the medication.
Not only did they block my mum, they only reply my mum nicely when she say she’s gonna hand in all evidence to the authority for investigation.
This is ridiculous..can u imagine if a child or elderly had consume it? It’s lucky that both my mum and brother is fine after doc.. But they go thru hell for the past 6 days.. It’s lucky that they do not need to be admitted to the hospital.. If not I am sure gonna hand in the evidence to the authority and make sure Sun life is held responsible of it.

When my brother went to see doc the 2nd time, the doc ask him to have ecg to make sure he is fine.. And yet.. Instead of being responsible for causing my mum and brother diarrhea and looking into the matter, they are only trying to compensate in at Way of giving 20 complimentary durian puff.. Ehh hello.. Who the heck want your complimentary durain puff… We are not people that 贪小便宜!! And who the heck still dare to take your durian puff after this incident??!!

They wanted us to resolve this matter in a peaceful and calm way. Dw us to bring it to social media!! But hello my dearest Sun life, u guys are not doing anything to resolve the matter…so why should we as consumer be calm and resolve this matter? Who the heck can resolve this matter calmly after consuming your durian puff and going thru pain and hell??!!!

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