Please share and let every one know!Fake Steamboat Buffet at Chinatown!

Charge $28 for buffet style steam boat, me and 4 of my friends ordered 2 rounds of meat, meat balls prawns and veggie (the portion for the 2nd round is significantly lesser and definitely not more than $28 per pax) when we tried to order the 3rd round (As we were getting full I just wanted to order 1 small portion of prawns and pork) and the boss started to be sarcastic, saying “just order whatever you want, because the next time you guys come again I gotta reject your business” thinking it was a joke, we tried to joke back saying “ok boss in future we will come once every few months is that Ok?”

Which he replied “no I am serious,don’t ever come. I can’t afford to lose, you guys eat way too much!” Come on? Open buffet style steamboat and you try to push customers away for ordering too much? I swear the amount we ordered is within the reasonable amount. And we did finished all the food before ordering. And he said if we are the boss can we afford to serve customers like us? I replied if you can’t afford to lose, set your buffet price higher. It was $28+ which I think is a middle range price for buffet. Which he replied “if I asked for $38 from you all will you guys pay?” Which we agreed right away.

And he start to to be sarcastic again saying “it’s ok just order since this is the last time i am going to accept you in my shop.” which made me so fed up that I decided to tear away the order sheet, and paid him $150 (for 5 pax) and asked him to keep the change.

Source: Fb post by Alvin Quek 


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