**Don’t want anyone to fall into my footsteps so I’m just sharing. Hope after reading this no one else will fall into this con man’s trap and go thru what I’ve been through.**

Let me make his name known, he is Lawerence. On facebook he’s known as Lawerence Zo (that’s before he block me, now I’m not sure)
If you ever see this, blame yourself for pushing me to do it until like this. I have enough of your bullshit/lies. To all his drinking buddies/friends who know him as a “baller” do re-think your mindset. He’s balling with the money he has coned from many, people’s hard earn money.

For mine, he has made me borrow money from my parents, moneylenders, signing lines with telcos, electrical department stores and also in between borrowing money from friends to so called “wait for the profit to come” before I can pay my friends back. Total suming up to near to 15k sgd. Aside from “his balling” he is also a gambler. Simple to put it, you put money or lend money to him you’ll never get it back. So do think twice.

I don’t know where to start, this happened nearly 2 years back. Chance after chance I gave him to actually repent and pay me back the money he cheated me but no, eventually he blocked me and just don’t wanna pay. Ok so here’s how it goes… He will claim to tell you “do you wanna earn more money? I have business here that can eventually help you.

” Hearing that, as I’m a single dad I would of course love to if I could improve my life for my family and i. You may think I’m stupid enough but I guess sometimes there’s a first time to everything. You just have to learn it the hard way. Once you trust the wrong person, you’re fucked. Worst of all, at the beginning I asked him nicely. Is what you’re doing real? If it’s not, please just let me know I can still forgive you and forget. I really don’t have such money to play along as I have a mouth to feed at home. He told me nope, it’s legit you don’t trust me meh. Eventually carrying on, finding money for him to “fund the business.”

After settling the actual amount he will text me few days later saying need somemore because something cock up, something delay. Here not enough, there not enough but it was all lies, he used that money for his own expenses, going to other countries to drink, womanise, gamble. Well he did returned me $100 after that but dude you con me near to 15K, you claim you’ll pay me back you’re admit your mistakes so now where are you? Putting me in a spot where moneylenders, lawyer letter coming up to my house and all you can say is I no money. Now still asking for IOU? No IOU no money? Wow. If I draw my bank statements, cctv footage from the point of time you think there’s no proof? Left me with so much shit to settle hence you running to Yangon, Thailand, Macau. Eating big spending big.

Where your shame? Still can talk in a way like it’s not your business, it’s not your problem now. Tell me you’re innocent, I ask you to show the statements you can’t show. Keep hiding like a mouse. Even when you had money, I know it a small amount but you still can’t even be bothered to make the effort to pass me back a single cent, only bothering about yourself and your selfish habits. FYI, he still said to me when I got money YOU SHOULD HAVE COME TO ME WHEN I ASKED U TO. Then I can pass to you. You owe me money, i have to ask you and most imptly, how am I suppose to know you have money? I can track your bank account? You admitted to your mistakes and assured that you will settle it so isn’t it you who should be the one telling me that you have more money now and you can pass back money to me? I don’t wanna say so much. If anyone feels I’m bullshitting about him, feel free to hit me up. I still have the screen shots of him actually showing his arrogance towards me, admitting that he still does owe me money and he want to return it to me ASAP but it’s all words no action.

Fortunately, I have people that helped me through this dark times but making big mistakes comes with heavy consequences. And yes, I had to pay everything off slowly going through all the suffering and scolding up down left right. Least I’m not to the extend when it has just happened where I couldn’t even have money to buy food for myself on a daily basis. So for that, I’m thankful.

Hope after sharing this, i can raise more awareness and stop others from going thru what I’ve been through. Lesson learnt, especially issues concerning with money, cannot take it lightly. I learnt my lesson the hard way and I will not wish for anyone to ever go thru what I’ve been through.

Ps: you wanna say anything to me, feel free to unblock me and chat. I would love to have a talk with you. 🙂

Source: FB post by  Zen Ng


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