In my opinion, there are mainly 4 tiers in which girls/women fall into, in terms of attractiveness. The top tier is like the best, the virtually untouchable because the average guy has almost no chance of landing her unless he gets a lucky break. She is like super chio & has a great body to boot.

Now onto Tier 2, the girls here are above average & slightly more attainable for the average guy but still not an easy catch. As for Tier 3, this is the middle line, the average. Girls here are largely decent, maybe even meh but still okay to go out with. They are naturally easier to attain although some might play hard to get thinking they are Super chio (which isn’t sadly). Tier 4 is just the rest below the middle line – No need for elaboration.

Anyways, I have been together with this girl for some time already & I would put her somewhere between Tiers 3 & 2. Chioness not like up there but not too bad either – pretty decent. Body definitely not the hourglass type & legs need to slim down a bit.

I settled for her because I (like many other guys) had not much of a choice & hence just went for it when a decent catch came along. Smacks of desperation i know, but what can I do. Although i think i might be stuck with her for a Long time, my resolve will surely be tested should a much better catch come along & I fancy my chances. Such is the crude reality of human nature

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