SQ, I checkin at HK airport for SQ865 on 9 Jan 2018 with a doctor memo stating my 14mth old Baby boy was having fever of 38.4 deg. Prior to this, I requested for seating next to my wife as she was seated at bassinet seat. The arrangement was required due to separate bookings.

This was done a few days before outbound flight SQ890 on 6 Jan. Both inbound and outbound request despite call made to reservation office wasn’t done. Ur CS officer even told me for inbound flight back from HK, I have to do it at their airport. Their ground staff told me sg reservation office had to communicate to them which wasn’t done.

Thanks to this, a lengthy delay happened at the checkin counter.. we didn’t manage to measure his temp or gave him med in time.. we only managed to do so on board flight right before takeoff.. by then his temp was 39.5 and he had facial rash..Ur cabin crews didn’t even bother to ask on the severity.. no communication was made to changi airport ground crew either.

One of your cabin crew Kelvin Sim said he would write a report and ask me further on the encounter which he totally didn’t ask me thereafter.. upon landing, no assistance was rendered. I met Kelvin Sim again at luggage belt, he claims no one gave any instruction for medical assistance upon landing or express immigration clearance..

I had to rush my son to Mount E A&E and he is now warded for observation. Your staff have total disregard for my baby’s wellbeing despite my initiative to communicate.. do note your airline will have to bear legal consequence and bad publicity for outright nonchalant attitude to my baby’s wellbeing..

my wife requested for us to get off the plane first upon landing so that we could rush him to the hospital and we were turned down by one of your male cabin crew who was of senior age on Sq865. We were seated at 41C and 41D FYI.

You can do a check with Mount E Orchard to verify if my son is really hospitalized in case you think I’m joking..

And I have a couple of SQ flights already booked for my family holidays over the next few months.. you may want to evaluate what can be done..


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