I have been a loyal longtime customer of 3rd party forwarding agent, Sgshop for more than 2 years. But recently, a hiccup happened and they started showing their true colours with their unprofessionalism.
I placed an order for a HP case with instructions given to them to opt for a particular design. However, their CS person (customer service) made a mistake by not re-confirming with me the order and went ahead to purchase the wrong design. Naturally I got a shock of my life because I paid extra for Express shipping for the item and got the wrong item. Upon approaching them, they firmly stuck to their denial and insist that no refunds or compensation is to be given.
The whole matter ding-dong over a week with them repeating the same excuse when I have told them about their flawed system. It seems that you cannot ask any questions pertaining to your orders UNLESS you make full payment. But when you make full payment, they will mess up your order if they are careless (unlucky customer whoever you are) and not take responsibility for it. End up, its a huge waste of money for the customer. This is only one of the mistake they made. I had a 2nd order for a porcelain plate which the CS person had assured me that he would inform their China warehouse CS team to take a photo and send it to me before shipping it out to Singapore. None of this happened even when I chased them for it (because I tracked my shipments daily).
Back to the HP case, since the item was $15 in total and I didn’t wana waste my time on this, I dropped the matter. I cc-ed the CEO about this and he didn’t even bother to look into the matter. Such a management!
Yesterday (28 Nov), I redo a new order of the HP case through them for the same item and this time, I gave much more clear and specific instructions to them so that they wouldn’t mess up my order n give lame excuses again for their carelessness. Guess what? The people decided to bully me.
They cancelled the order for me and refuse to ship it for me. Now they got new excuse that the item is ‘branded’ and goes against their policy of branded goods. If its really true, why then did they previously able to ship similar goods that are ‘branded’ to me? Not the first purchase and not the only purchase too. Why now then prohibit it? I have currently a few outstanding orders with them and I am pretty sure they will F up my orders by ordering the wrong items and I cant do anything about it because their stupid policy is, “Pay first. We order for you but if we F up, you won’t get your money back”.
So for buyers using Sgshop merchant as your 3rd party agent please be forewarned, you are better off getting other agents than Sgshop because if you have any complaints about a wrong order as a result of their mistake, they seem to blacklist you. I have always believed that companies do not take personal attacks on customers that they do not like but this incident seems to prove me wrong that such companies actually do exists.
Best Regards,
Ong Jasmine

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