First ever hit and run case of my life. And by an SMRT bus no less- side-swiped and scraped on the highway today Aug 12th at 4.25pm along PIE towards Tuas, around Exit 15, near Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

They were merging lanes, I had right of way (being on the right and hence closer to the highway), and even slowed down to let him pass, to be safe. Instead, the driver cut sharply into my lane and sliced into my passenger side, leaving colourful marks in its wake and violently snapping my window inwards. Had it not been a sturdy continental make, more severe dents (and even personal injury) would have been sustained.

Shocked, I honked loudly and repeatedly after him. Instead of stopping, he drove off. I tailed after him, going to his right to get a good look at his face. He abruptly exited the highway without signalling, making it impossible for me to follow without further danger.

I can’t believe a public bus driver just did that- rammed past me, ignored all signals to stop, and essentially did a hit and run with all those passengers on board.

A police report has been made, and the police has officially classified this as a hit and run case. I hope this errant and unrepentant driver never gets to ferry a bus load of passengers again, if only for their safety, and that of other users on the road.


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