Something to share with you guys & gals about SMRT & NEL.

I believed everyone here had seen the signage, to WhatsApps them, if we see any defects, etc. Do you think they really rectify the things you reported?? I have been calling their hotline, but how many times do you think we should call before they really take action?? Answer is many calls, until they are being challenged to assure that 100% SAFE & accident will not happen.

1 example, I need to call more than 5 times, for the flickering LED light bulbs to be replaced, when their SM & ASM can see the flickering lights, which were just right in front of the aquarium……

Next, do you all know that your train fares cover all the services (AC, lighting, escalator) within the stations, from the moment you step into the stations (Before entering the gantry)? So, when you next go inside the train cabin, got light not working, take down the cabin no & file for claims. No AC at platform or in the cabin also can claim.

When you file a claim, they will tell you, there is no such things. This is only known to staffs working in the rail company, which is SMRT & SBS. It has never been known to public.

I had filed for several claims, for the flickering lights, no AC, lights not working in the cabin, metallic ceiling board vibrating, etc. They cannot tahan my claim… They refused to let me talk to their director, Lim Kin San or the higher management of SMRT.

Their staffs can see, but not doing anything. So I told their hotline Snr Mgr Ki Hui, since your staffs don’t want to report, I report & you people pay me.

So, SMRT CEO, if you see this, don’t blame me. Put the blame on your managers, to force me to let the whole world know……


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