Today I’m sharing & educating you guys about why you should NOT buy from Q10 or any other sources that gives a too good to be true pricing and you should buy from direct distributors instead 🤔

1) looking at the photos below, don’t you think it’s scary? This customer whom is a layman, went online shopping happily like what all of us do, chanced upon Q10 and saw “eh!! this Wowo that everyone is talking about is selling here ley! Wow so cheap buy 3 get 1 free 😱 wow so cheap ley only sell $10+ here ! oh I got coupon let me use it to buy it here then. I can save so much more lor!” Customer clicked add to cart and checked out.

After usage, I supposed the customer felt something is wrong and approached Wowo directly. Who have ever thought that she has actually been sold fake Wowo products!!! 😢

ALL Authentic wowo products comes with QR codes to prove authencity when you purchase them. That is to be scanned in our system to show whom was the distributor that sold you the products. Wowo has such strict measures 🤗 which is GOOD!

2) We are distributing Wowo products at a nationwide standard pricing. Our cost is not even that low to give such a “good deal” and we will get penalized if we do not follow the rules and measures from Wowo 😣 as much as we love to give you discount and etc, if you really think and feel that Wowo is good, or the person you are buying from has given you customer service satisfaction, don’t simply just buy from other sources just because you want to save a few bucks! End up do you know you will spend even more? you will spend even more than the original costing of authentic products to – doctors. 😥 you let doctors earn so easily but why don’t you purchase from authorised distributors in the first place ? 😭

There is no free lunch in this world and all the more there is no such good things in the market. Please don’t ever put yourself at risk because whatever products that are not bought directly from authorised Wowo distributors , we are not responsible for your plight (to be very straightforward)

Take the risk to save a few bucks , or just buy with confidence from authorised distributors?

It’s up to you😊

Ask me today! 😍


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