This is long, but I hope you take the time to read it.

Everyone always wonders why their partner would cheat on them. Well, here is my explanation. It’s obviously not accurate in every situation, but I find it more often true than not.

MEN: He can have the most supportive, beautiful, loving girl by his side. So why does he cheat? He is insecure with himself. He needs to know that he can still “pull” girls. He wants to know that he is still wanted by other women. It is the dominance that typically comes in men. A secure man can handle being loved by one woman and know he is enough without needing to justify to himself he is still desired by other women. Men tend to cheat physically. In the end, sex is still just sex, and men will get the feeling of regret after sleeping with another woman because they realize that’s all it was and that their desire to be needed, was only their insecurity.

Tip: Ladies, let your man know he is amazing, sexy and yours. It might not change his insecurities, but it will help. And don’t stop sleeping with your man after you have been together for a while. Just because you are together doesn’t mean you can stop sleeping with him. This feeds into his insecurities that he’s not good enough. If the girl he is with doesn’t want him, who would?

WOMEN: Women are affectionate creates. They desire to be loved, touched, and complimented. Even when a women says “I don’t like flowers” she still wants them. Not because they are flowers, because it’s a sign to her that she still matters; she is still being though and cared for. Women strive to feel that emotional connection with a person. It is as easy as looking into her eyes and telling her she is beautiful. When she no longer feels wanted or needed, she begins to find someone who will give that to her. S*x it not the driving factor behind a woman cheating, it is the connection that comes with it, even if only temporary. Women tend to cheat mentally and emotionally.

Tip: Guys, tell her she is beautiful everyday. Buy her flowers on a Wednesday when you are on your way home from work. Kiss her like it was the first time in the middle of a busy mall. Never let her go to bed angry or alone.

Source: FB post by Steven Wright

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