Y’all looking for a President or a Budayawan? You all talk cock why Malay cannot be this why Malay cannot be that then when got Malay representation you all damn knn*buay. His company is worth over $200 million. Kau duit installment motor pun terkial-kial nak bayar lu rilek sua.

I told you already. Our community has a minority complex one kind. There’s just not right. Mastery of malay he less good, big fu*king deal. You try. I put the camera to your face tell you speaking in native language. Guys English already half past six the only English Mckenzie you all know are “please make this viral” then exclamation mark put a dozen more. Opal can be learned, polished. Business Acumen, resilience, you there?

You dont have. Malay intention, how are you doing, want him to be? You expect him to wear tanjak, Kris, write out front reporters? And people actually have the nerve to make fun of how his wife look? She is swimming in money. Do you swim in what? Debt? Sitting front of the tv watching juice hoping to get $ 10,000 in a raffle? The River.

People that just pick up his papers. He is not even approved to run as a candidate and the community is already being damn ci*bai. Way to go. Other nations are just laughing at us. If like this stop’s Malay President Custo. Guys note ready, evidently. You guys out, take a drive, roll down your window, Godeh-Godeh Glow! Your 12 Inch Di*do in the dark, blast gearstick despacito’s lovely song.

Source: FB post by Hafidz Abdul Rahman

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