This cat has been with us for more than 10 years . It’s been considered as a residents cat . Everyday , few aunties and uncles will feed him along with few other cats . He will always walk past my house or even goes into my house to find food coz i have 3 cats as pets which i feed .

Then came this sad news by my neighbour Eiswandy Bohari Eis Wandy telling me that the cat which he named it Senget had died . Stab mark were found on its soft palate . Sadly , he died at the foot of the stairs right under my void deck . Whoever does this , may you rot in hell . Police are still investigating . This issue has already been escalated to the MPs . They will not take this issue lightly .

Hope the culprit will be caught and sentence to a heavy term . My heart really sunk when i heard this news . I cant bear to see it die . All those staying Pandan , pls help to catch this f*cker .

Taken from Facebook user Mahlil Gallagher.


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