Is there a way to solve an issue of my upstairs Neighbour smoking and the strong odour that enters my house? We are on relatively good terms and I don’t wish to rock the boat but I suspect it’s the Daughter who’s doing it by the window at unearthly hours (probably hiding from her parents as it never happens in the daytime or other more “reasonable” daylight/evening hours).

I could do something by closing the windows sure but it happens at really sporadic times in the middle of the night (usually after 1am) where I’m already in bed and the smell is so strong it’s as if the smoker is in the room itself and it gets my room stuffy and I’m literally waiting for the smell to go before opening the window again… at 3am.

Anyway, I’m asthmatic and am triggered by both the cold (therefore no aircon at night and closing the windows isn’t rly a tenable option, Singapore is hot) and smoke. Am open to both practical (how to get the smell out) and diplomatic (if I have to go speak up about it directly/indirectly) suggestions. Please help and thank you!


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