My family and I have stayed in this unit since 1999 and we have been at peace with every neighbours in the block. Until this particular neighbour moved in some years later.
My siblings and I was scolded “ccb” for no reason for the longest time since primary 6 however back then we don understand. My parents kept quiet as they were working most of the time and did not want anything to happen to us as we did not know how to protect ourselves back then.
Things worsen recent yrs, my sister was preparing for her marriage, the red cloth that was prepared for their wedding was tugged down the moment this particular neighbour stepped out of the house. However there were no evidence. We kept quiet.
There were events our shoes “walked” by itself towards the staircase, she pointed middle fingers, asking to fight my mom and I (sometimes my elder sis). We seek help from the nearest police station under our block as we fear for my mother safety. No help was given until October 2nd 2017. My sis took off to accompany my mother who was alone at home. Decided to go to the market to “huat” herself to buy some 4d since it was her bday. She was was looking at her phone before she cross the road. She heard “ccb” and looked up and see who was that and was scolded ” Kua simi lj” and was invited for a fight. Immediately she went to the police again.

Again nothing was done, went to the MP of cck. At first they did visit and mention that this lady was not happy with the shoe rack that was placed outside my flat. We decided to move the rack and our shoe still fly by itself, we felt that moving the rack wasn’t necessary so we moved the rack back.

My family and I decided to install cctv as advised by the police.

On May 11 2018, 11.41am shows what happened on a daily basis, every single day, we have to go ” collect” our shoes and place the shoes back to its original position.
On this day itself, we report another police report showing them this few footage and was advised that there is nothing they can do.

On this very day. Their son has challenge us to post his video online as well as we caught him kicking our shoes and having the same behavior as his mom ( footage on May 11, 05.02pm)
This neighbour is considered a nuisance to this block. She is not in good terms with the above and the floor below and the 1s living side by side. We have been receiving insults like “Go and die, today your funeral, go let dog f*** ” for the longest time.

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Posted by Singapore Uncensored – Bringing you uncensored coverage on Sunday, May 13, 2018

Posting on social media is the last thing we wanted to do as nothing has been done by the relevant authority.

Dear neighbours and friends, my mother has been alone at home most of the time with my daughters. Please help me to protect my family and make this viral so that our tiny voices can help speed up their action against these bullies and help make our neighbourhood a peaceful place.


NEIGHBOUR FROM HELL. My family and I have stayed in this unit since 1999 and we have been at peace with every…

Posted by Aoi Yoshida on Sunday, May 13, 2018


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