Need a “GF” for CNY? Here one up for Rental too! LOLOL


gf rental_censored

Why only part time boyfriends are available? The recent news article reported that women who are aged 27 years old and more experience more societal pressure during CNY, being stigmatised as shengnu (Straits time, 2017). Hence, to promote gender equality, I will put up an advert of my CNY gf rental. KIDDING. JUST FOR FUN. FARK SCHOOL.

Chinese New Year girlfriend rental available
PM me for schedule
My rates are:
$88.80 per day
$1888.80 for entire CNY
(My Chinese Friend say 8 is auspicious number)

25+ years old
158cm (can be covered with heels for tall guys)
Body well-proportioned, legs for days
Currently skinny due to weight loss caused by stressful uni life.

– 100% authentic Korean (high in demand)
– Been studying and working in Singapore for 15 years so I can emerge into your culture
– used to have Long hair but now short hair (take note**)
– Currently pursuing degree in Uni (FML)
– Fluent in Korean, English and Chinese
– Basic conversations in Japanese and German
– Dialects services available with 7 days prior notice and at extra cost
– I am a registered nurse, able to take blood pressure, perform insulin and intramuscular injection for your relative at extra cost (Home nursing charges apply)
– I can guarantee your ah gong ah Ma will confirm love me (one of my patient even wanted to introduce his 40 years old Son to me coz he just love me too much)
– Street smart and able to adapt to your family dynamic very well
– help you to dodge typical annoying CNY interrogation with my wittiness
– Appearance 4.5/10 without make up
– 8/10 with make up (make up does wonders)
– can pull off as Chinese with my sexy single eyelid (no racism intended)
– can entertain your Kpop or Kdrama crazy aunties and cousins
– oscar winning acting skills trained from watching Korean dramas, your family will never ever suspect anything
– Aegyo available at extra charge
– Can play Mahjong which I learnt in IMH clinical attachment from nice gamble addict uncles

things i cannot do
– eat vegetables unless kimchi
– help your Mother in cooking Chinese food
– Drive (my license for display only)
– Doing assignment early (I just can’t)
Different personas I’m willing to pull off
– optimistic girlfriend who seem to overcome anything in the world
– Highly educated intellectual gf
– Daughter of billionaire whom you will encounter my mother appearing and asking to get lost from my daughter’s life (with cup of water splashing at your face as bonus)
– Goblin Wife
– A girl with prognosis of 2 months to live (usually leukaemia)
– kpop inspired idol gf ( I will start singing and dancing, disappear after few set)

P.S I have never went through any plastic surgery, so extra $50 dollars applicable



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