My wife thinks that I been f*cking some PRC woman because my mandarin has improved lately!


Dear SingaporeUncensored,


I been married for 5 years and since remain faithful to my wife. I admit I have quite a bad record during my younger days when I was still dating her. I would drink and party so heavily that sometime I don’t even know where I am the next morning.

I the type that my friends would be convince that I would stay single for life as so it came to be much of a surprise to them when I sent them my wedding invitation. After all I thought it was time to be settle and start a family and I was most than willing to put my partying days behind.

I grow up never liking mandarin and always like to skip mandarin classes and I would barely scrap through and my wife knows that. For my job I need to travel often due to the business dealings and recently the country I would potentially need to go to China.

When it comes to work, I always do my best to fulfill my duties so picking up mandarin despite me hating it would benefit my work. Practice make perfect right so I begin speaking and using It more often and at home at work and when I go out with my family.

One day when I was alone with my wife, out of the blue she started accusing saying that lately was I f*cking some PRC woman because my Mandarin have been improving and I been using it lately. I WAS WTH??! No matter how much I explains she wouldn’t believe me and want to check my email eventually I relent.

In the end when she could find anything, she warned me better not to try anything or I be deep sh*t. *Sigh I guess that karma for me being a playboy last time.



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