My Vegan friend ate “ham” because I lied to him!




Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I know Santa not going be giving me any presents this for what i done! ;p I bluff a vegan and i felt no remorse about it.

At a pot luck party last week, I brought some ham which I prepared it myself at home. An evil thought came to me, I thought it would be funny to tell my vegan friend that it was actually made from the mock meat which is actually wheat gluten. When he tried it and said that it was surprisingly delicious, I had to excuse myself to laugh.

I was so engrossed in being amused by it  that when he asked me where I bought it, I just randomly told him in a  that it came from this shop in Jurong which just came to my mind .I was hoping that he didn’t ask for the repiece which of course don’t have. He just text me yesterday that he’s heading to Jurong in a couple of days  to pick up some vegan ham for himself.

-Meat is tasty murder


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