My tinder date “friend zone” me because I was too perfect for her!



After nearly 10 dates with the girl I know from tinder, I thought its was time as I felt that she was the perfect girl to be in my life. So I asked her go steady. The most dreaded reply that any guy who didn’t want to hear came. She say that she only see me as a friend! I was like what the hell?!?! I mean kiss and make out before and now she says she see me as a friend.

She then went on to explains that she friendzone me because I was too perfect for her. I was told by her that I make a better husband than boyfriend and she wanted to keep me until the time was right. If we ever dated and broke up she was hate to lose me forever. All the ladies would always keep the best till the time is right for marriage.

Tell me what nonsense is this??



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