My superior steal my personal belongings and abuse his power!


Young boss bullying the candidate in her job meeting

Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I have this supervisor of mine who be around the company around 6 months he is really getting up my nerves. It was all peaceful and quiet till this “idiot” came along. I can’t take it anymore he is acting really self entitled. As if we own him thousands of dollars.

Seriously he always borrows my stationary and on top of that when he returns those item, that is if he remembers to its always in a very bad condition. Recently my tidbits that I bought have been disappearing one by one like vanishing in thin air.

Other colleagues have been complaining about similar cases happening too after that he join us. To top it off there was once I caught taking the tidbits from my table without being shy about. When I confronted him, he exclaimed its just a small bag of chips what the big deal and shrugging his shoulder walking away. I wish i would put my hands around his neck and strangle him.

I doubt we can do anything about him cause one of my colleague told me that he was actually rope in by one of our “boss”. I really love this job and the working environment but with douchebag like him i afraid i can’t last long. 🙁



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