My stepmother tell me I am good for nothing!



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

My birth-mom passed away from chronic illness at a very young age when i was still in primary school so my dad was like a mom to me playing the double role. He was a very hardworking man sometime working till late in the night so I could get a comfortable life. Deep down inside my heart, after my mom passing i know at times  he want to look for another life partner when we go out when he see other people with a companion he would always give a second look.

I guess he was afraid that I would mind because i was very close to my mom when she around. When enter my poly years, I knew it was time for me not to be so selfish after-all he has his needs. So i told him “Hey Dad if you ever met someone that you like go for it after all Mom has passed on so many years already and I know you have the void in your heart that you want to fill.” He looked at me with a shock in his face and ask me am I really okay with it? I said yes little would I know i will live to regret it.

Fast Forward a bit my Dad brought my “stepmom” to be home and with her two lovely kids( or which i thought) to have a meet up dinner session. She was very softspoken and polite smiling and all throughout the dinner and even her children were very well mannered. I feel very happy that my Dad could get companion like that and i secretly gave my Dad a thumb up and he gave me a wink back.

After the moving in things started to change, she wasn’t the same woman that i meet gentle and polite. She would often accused me of things that I didn’t done and badmouth me infront me in my Dad. Often my Dad would be sandwich in between me and her. Sadly my Dad would often make the choice to believe her. It was heart-wrenching for that my birth Dad would treat me in this way but i guess i have to live with the consequences of my choice.

The ultimatum was when I recently left my job due to my own quarrel with my boss and i was jobless for months. One day, when I was at home sending my resume to look for a job, she came up to saying “Look at my children they are all doing so well in their careers! Look at you your good for nothing. I burnt with rage but i need there was nothing i could about it i said nothing and i decided to leave home for good that night.

I took all my belonging left my a note to my dad not to look for me and move in with a friend. My Dad tried to contact me for a weeks and soon the call died down. I have never since talk to my Dad anymore.



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