My Mum asked to create an EXCEL SPREADSHEET to compared the angbaos I received!



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

Lunar New Year is one of the dreaded time of the year for me! No it not because I have to face relative grilling me about when I am going to get marry or my parents comparing me with the other cousin.

As I have quite a stable job as a business analyst so I actually quite secure about where I stand among the cousin. Plus I learnt how to deal with the aunties politely when they popped the question. Just keep smiling and answer with the sets of question I prepared.

For me not a biggie after all its only once a year just entertain them abit. Ever since my mom know I use excel regularly analysing data and presenting findings to my boss.

The worst came my mom told me she want to see an excel spread sheet with an pivot table/chart to see which of my relatives having giving more or less for the past three years! I tried to argued and say Lunar new year should be about celebrating the new year.

Like all this money going to matter? For god-sake she a regional sale manager, I looked at my dad for help but all he did was to roll his and look away. I pity those under her care how she must have pushed them for to reach the sale target. I enjoy using excel but not like this how I wished I could say no but no one in the family has the final say except her all I want to just feel the celebration of new year.



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