My PRC Mother In Law Force Me To Pay $50,000 For Dowry



I honestly think weddings nowadays are going overboard and standards are getting higher and higher. I don’t need a $500 cake. I don’t even like cakes. I don’t need to rent 3 to 4 outfits at $3000. I don’t need an overpriced makeup artist. I don’t need 8 to 10 trays of hantaran (dowry). And my dowry shouldn’t be $15k. I don’t want to start the marriage with torturing my soon to be husband with the stress of “where am i gonna get that kind of money??”

$1k is enough. Some people spend $50,000 on their wedding. Can you just imagine all the other things you can do with $50k?!It’s just unnecessary. You can still have a beautiful wedding at a smaller price tag. If you can afford to spend that kind of money, by all means. If not, you don’t have to.



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