It’s Okay To Help.

3.00A.M… i was up remembering something important that needs to be done. Taking out my clothes and jacket, planning go straight to my home.

Suddenly i see someone walking on the highway. Alone…

Because I’m always using that road, i know that this area doesn’t have any house nearby.

So I stop, asking him if he need a ride. He said “its that ok?”

I said “of course. Where you want to go?”

“Kajang” he reply.

I said “Ok, it’s on my way”

Then he got on my motorcycle and we heading to kajang to send him.

Because kajang its a bit far, we stop at the Petron. Taking a break and fuel my motorcycle. So we did have a little chit chat.

I’m asking him where did he came from? From where he start walking? Why you walking?

And the answer he gave me really shocks me.

He’s name is Ganesan. He is a general worker for a private company. After his work are done, he was left behind because he was late. His wallet, phone and ic are on the van that left him.

Guess where he start walking? DAMANSARA. He start walk from 6.00 P.M now its 3.30A.M. 9 Hour 30 minutes walking from damansara because no one wants to help him. Not just for a ride but even a single phone calls.

Even more, he’s not have a single cent to spend on because his wallet are left. I can’t imagine how hungry it will be to walk almost 10 hours without food and drink.

So I’m offering my drinks to him that i bring with me even though he rejected at first because of shame. I said “if i had even Rm 5 or Rm 10 with me i will take you to have a dinner. But I’m so sorry that this is the only money i have. Just enough to buy a petrol, because all the money i have has been spend for my wedding this week, I’m so sorry for not having any money left. But i promised that i will buy you a lunch or dinner next time when i got some money”

He said. It’s ok. He glad that i came to help him because people that he approch before this didn’t bother to help him at all.

When we arrived, I don’t know what so sad about it. Even though we are in different religion and races but we do feel something in common because we are all human….


Bro, if you read this please call me. We can eat something together. It’s ok, the bills on me. 😄

Source: FB post by Radin Danial


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