My husband want to have separate bank account I think he having an affair!!


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Dear SingaporeUncensored,

In our 10 years married life together we agreed to have a joint account because we felt it was a norm and good thing to have as a couple. Both of us are working and without any children so we never had any argument about money and spending. We always keep each other account for what we going to spend on and come to an agreement that if we going to spend on something major we would be seek each other permission.

Recently my husband have been drinking quite heavy and he been spending quite a bit from the joint account. At first I turn a blind eye to him while dropping him hints and he reply was that he was entertaining clients and he always top up the amount by the end of the month. Then withdrawn amount became bigger and because of that we quarrel more frequent.

In one of the argument he wanted to have a personal account because he said I was too controlling and demanding and lately his pocket has receipt of hotel rooms. What should I do? Will the truth be too much for me to handle??

-Lost wife


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