My husband claim that the lip stick mark at his pants is cause by a woman falling over!


lipstick marks

Dear SingaporeUncensored,

My husband came back really really late smelling of alcohol and cheap perfume one night. He told me he had to entertain some big clients who were visiting the production plant in Singapore. Being a good wife i let him sleep for the night before question him the next morning.

I told him:” first you promise not to come home at 5am / dead drunk and plus you have lipsticks marks all over your pants.He apologies profusely saying that the client were from China so they really could drink and he didn’t want to make leave his boss behind to drink with them. The lipstick marks on his pants was because the waitress lost her balance and so happen to land on his pants with her lips lock on to his pants.

I know my husband is a faithful but I still find this hard to swallow. What should I do???



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