My Husband came back dead drunk last night smelling of woman perfume



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

My Husband never used to drink so heavily or coming home wasted. Last night, I tried my best to contact him but he phone was off the whole night and i was worried sick cos he told needed to entertain some clients so he will be drinking. I told my husband not to drink so much cause he not a good drinker and to come home as soon as possible.

I waited for him till 5am when i heard someone knocking on the door calling my name. Its was my husband voice but apparently he was drunk smelling of alcohol and cheap woman perfume. The next day he say he could remember how he gotten. I decided not to question much as i thought it would be one off thingy.

He told me in the morning that his phone was out of battery that why he could call me but when i checked his phone last night its was on airplane mode.

But inside my heart i cannot help but think what had happened last night? Should i go find it out or just let it slide.



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