My girlfriend says she will f**k my brother if i serve NS


20170202_194627Dear Editor,

I recently received a letter from army to report to CMPB for medical checkup and that also means I will be enlisted soon.

I am together with my girlfriend for about a year and I am feeling very insecure as I heard stories of girls leaving their boyfriend when they serve NS. My nightmare came true.


My girlfriend told me that she will f**k my brother if i am to go serve NS. She demand me to fake a medical condition so that I do not need to serve NS. She also said that my brother seems interested in her.

I am feeling very confused as I do not want to lose her, at the same time I am very angry with my brother! How could he develop interest towards my girl?!  Attached is the conversation I had with her. Please help me.

-Confused NS guy-



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