My gf want to break up with because she think I ‘fat’



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I writing this knowing my girlfriend of 2 years would mostly likely dumped me anytime sooner or later. I knew her through a mutual friend of mine. I was quite a decent shape before knowing her as I would gym at least 3 times  and run two times a week.

After I gotten together with her my gym and runs stopped because she wanted me to always accompany and she doesn’t like to work out or sweat. So i relented, little i know that was the worst mistake I made in my life to give up my fitness lifestyle for my girlfriend.

As she those type of girls that won’t go fat even when she eats a lot and on top of that when we eat out she likes to order a lot of different variety of food but she can’t finish them. I don’t like to waste food so I would just finished up the reminder. Without my exercise regime i gained weight and ballooned.

That where the verbal abuse started, she would say: i don’t know why i have a pig for a boyfriend! Many a time i would just suck it up or go toliet to cry. I know many of my guys friends would say why am I so weak and not man enough. I just feel so defeated and lost in life I afraid i might lose her which i don’t want to but i guess i can’t help it.




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