My gf force me to sexy dance at home with “[email protected]” music



I thought it would be just another normal friday night when will we would just watch Netflix and chill watching my favorite show “Arrow”. As i was there seating down on the couch enjoying my nacho with chilli beef, my gf suddenly stood up in front of the screen and cross her arms. I shouted at her what is she doing?? told her not to block the screen.

She started shouting and complaining all day i was just watching Netflix and having a night out to hit the club or go to timber to drink and listen to live band performance.

What she said was truth i pretty much the boring guy but the again who like crowds man what a bummer?? I recent so what you want to do? She says lets dance to the choice of her music little would I know that I will regret it.

She played her playlist of Justin Bebier… OMGF not all those [email protected] songs and on top of that she expects be to dance sexily like wriggling my butt and rub my chest and pump it like a girls. Wah lau on top of that she still can take video down. :(((((((((


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