When I was serving my BMT, I made friends with many of my bunkmates, one of them called A. He’s rich, smart, good-looking – basically he was really well put together. At that time, I was dating this girl called C, we met in JC1. C was (and is) really special to me, we had amazing chemistry and spent a lot of time together. Well in NS, A excelled (encik/officer liked him, OCS etc) however I wasn’t envious about what he had, after all he probably deserved the good treatment he got. I was just grateful I had C. During our ORD meetup with our BMT bunkmates, we had a party where some of us brought our gfs.

Of course, I brought C. Turned out to be a big mistake, I found out (much later) that they had exchanged Facebook contacts and had been getting to know each other after that party. Oblivious to what was happening, I continued to go out with C. Things changed rapidly when I joined NUS, where C suddenly became cold towards me. I didn’t go for FOCs because I didn’t want her to be jealous or worried (my faculty has a high girl %). She did go for FOC for a different faculty, where life decided to be kind to A and C, placing them in the same group where I’m sure they got to know each other better.

After her FOC, I met C about four times, with her getting more distant, finally choosing to break up with me via Whatsapp. It’s been 3 years and I only learnt a few months back that she broke up with me because A was rich and good-looking [*paraphrased] and she felt like she was being short-changed with me. Despite A’s value, I have also heard that A and C’s relationship is on the rocks…

C****** my soulmate and my life, I want you to know that I still care for you and love you deeply. Not a day has gone by that I have not recalled the happy memories that we shared together. Neither has a day gone by that I have not experienced the crushing pain of being apart from you. I acknowledge that I was not the perfect boyfriend that I could have been. I also want you to know that while I am unable to change my appearance beyond a certain extent, I am determined to do my best in life and earn enough to make us both comfortable, prosperous and happy. Wherever you go C, my heart will be with you…always.




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