Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I was working as account assistant for a certain MNC, for the past two years I was suffering from insomnia due to my stress from constantly need to work more than 12 hours to prove myself. My weight balloon from a healthy 75kg to almost 90kg as I always use food to become by source of comfort.

Fresh out of school i came to the work place with much aspiration to build a career and make name for myself as this was my first company. Though some of my friends complain about NS behind a hindrance for our career to be lagging behind our female counterparts for at least 2 years, I always responded to them with positivism so i would say things like we are men so protecting our countries should be our duty plus the ladies would have more things to take care of in later stage of their life if they become a mother.

Little would I know i will be betray by my own words. Coming to a year in my job due to some restructuring my current boss who is a Singaporean had to be sent oversea to support a certain country operation and so I had a boss who is a Malaysian and nope I not racist or anything so ya I didn’t mind.

At first things seems to be okay but its wasn’t as what I thought. I was called up for reservist so I informed about that but she had the check to tell me” are you sure you have to be away for two weeks it is compulsory? So good life don’t need to work” To make it even worse she things like “sure you not cheating company by claiming more days a not”?

After reservist she became more hostile and started piling me with work and told me its for the time I was away from work. How is that fair? I unwillingly knew that she would always put Singaporean application for job aside and approval the Malaysian one. Plus me and my fellow Singaporean counterparts especially male will “get-it” from her compared to colleagues from Malaysia.

I sometime wonder late at night why did i serve the army for 2years for? Why did I even feel proud of national service? After all I was treated badly at work due to the need to service my NS liabiities by a FT boss who don’t understand.

Dominic Ng


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