My friend committed suicide after racking up gambling debt!!!



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I writing this to find some closure cause i felt i could prevented his death as we were very close friends i felt like he was more than a brother to me.

He jumped from a block near my home leaving a note to his family. I told him time and time again not to gamble especially online betting. I really regret not pulling him away from his “so called friends” still can intro him the website. First few time he won and he started treating us and spending on expensive shoes and wallet.

I knew it will be short-live eventually he started losing money and started borrowing money from all of us. We all started avoiding him like a pest but i couldn’t see him go hungry so other than food money i won’t lend him more.

One night he couldn’t take it anymore and he wrote :”To all my family member and my close friend D i know i have been a disappointment and hopefully the next time i will be a better son and friend.” With that he did it! The next morning after i knew what had happened i just froze there shock not knowing how to react. My “bro” I wish you could have the courage to face up to reality and make the changes. I only can blame myself for not being there when you really need me!



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