When I was 19-years-old I was still an innocent and did not know much about the evils that lurk the world. By chance, i was invited to a chalet and introduced to some people. One of the girls known as ‘M’ look very attractive but she did not want to talk much to me.

Later on, my friends were discussing credit cards I happened to have the student credit card of $500. In those days the student credit card was not common. So the girl kind of assumed that I got a supplementary credit card from my father. So she assumed I was rich.

She suddenly had interest in me and exchanged numbers.

She later started to contact me and asked me out for lunch and dinner. I did not think much and go ahead. Suddenly the topic of her wanting to be my girl friend came up. I agreed.

Later on, I became sick and she brought me to some dubious looking clinic which I found out that it was an MLM company. Luckily since young, I have been educated in MLMs and knew what was to come.

Some rubbish consultant attempted to brain wash me, my girlfriend also tried to convince me to pick up some package. I immediately walk out and told my girlfriend I’m not interested in this.

Shortly after she broke it off with me. (Luckily I already enjoyed the forbidden fruits).

This was my first experience from a Gold Digger. Later on, I found out from my friend she got married to some self-proclaimed fat artist who is earning peanuts.

I guess now that she is older and can’t find a guy. Beggars cannot be choosers.

Today I have a career a great income and none of that gold digging nonsense.


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