My “fat colleague” look at me as even i am fried chicken



Dear SingaporeUncensored,

I have nothing against fat people

I have this colleague she think she damn chio but in reality she not only fat but ugly in the character too!! Every time scold the cleaning auntie for not doing a good job. See her i want to vomit wear clothes so tight like dumpling still she got very good figure.

I used to be a bit plumped lately been hitting the gym for some tme so i lost quite a bit of weight so being quite tone. Lately she looking at me like i some juicy fried chicken and passing comment like you look better lately. One day of the blue she just slap my butt and say “tight ass you have”. Wah lau how can she do it like that!  The worse is one day she eating fried chicken she keep eating and looking at me like she consuming me like the chicken. Really feel like puking



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