My ex wife thinks she deserves to sleep with me again! You F*Cking Prostitute!



(image for reference)

My ex wife AKA a prostitute that will do anything for money has been contacting me recently that she wants to be back with me.

It has been 3 years since i divorced with her. It happened when she told me that i am nothing but a ATM for her. She told me that she married me for money. After 3 years i already have a new relationship and has long move on to a happy life.

Wanna guess how the conversation started?

Her: Hi XXXX, how are u? i have put into some serious thought and i miss your hug.

Me: Sorry, who is this?

Her: Im XXXXX, how have you been recently. Can i see you anytime soon.

Me: Im sorry i dont see any reason to meet up with you

Her: Wait i want to sleep beside u again. I need u

Me: Its too late. Good bye

I hanged up the phone and told my friends about it. guess what my mutual friends told me. She got into financial trouble and wants her “ex ATM husband” back.

You are a F*cking prostitute! A who*e!!! GO SELL BODY AT GEYLANG LA DONT COME DISTURB ME


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