My Ex is threatening to kill herself if i leave her.



Dear Singapore Uncensored,

I know it’s quite stupid of me writing to you. But i need help and advice… I met her about 2 years ago while i was working overseas. I’m a Singaporean she is an American. We sort of fell in love occasionally we skype or send messages. But recently i fallen in love with another girl. It’s been sometime since someone make me feel so happy.

I got into a fight with my ex for neglecting her.

Of course, i don’t want to keep both ends. I told the one in USA that i don’t love her that much. But i can’t bear to tell her the truth that i have fallen for someone else. I feel like a total a**hole.

When i told her it’s over she could not take it. She has been constantly sending me emails “i can’t bear you leaving me. I rather die than you leaving me. Before i die i will send you back the gift that you gave me a long time ago as a memento”.

What should i do?



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